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ArenaXcape Versi 1.0

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ArenaXcape - Game Arena Multi Pemain dengan Grafis Hebat

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ArenaXcape is a multiplayer game based on squad-based shooter game mechanics. It is geared towards teens and older as it does depict numerous instances of game violence and blood.
ArenaXcape is designed for LAN gaming parties, letting you and your friends duke it out over a single network. Games can be played on the local LAN or with an online internet connection. It is a 4-player game, allowing you and 3 of your pals to fight to the finish. Everything from the sounds, to the graphics is in high definition, taking advantage of modern gaming graphic cards to render the best details on your monitor.
To play ArenaXcape, a PC running at least Windows Vista or later is required, particularly to take advantage of DirectX 10 and 11 optimizations. Also recommended is to a 2.6 GHz dual-core processor and at least a graphics card comparable to the GeForce 8800.
The objective of the game is to get 20 Frags in a three story level. The level design is detailed and is made for multiplayer matches in mind. It is littered with unique weapons, health items and obstacles that need to be overcome.
ArenaXcape is designed to be run on 1GB of RAM. For the best performance 2 GB of RAM comes highly recommended. For installation, 1 GB hard disk space is required.


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Sistem Operasi: Windows Vista
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